What is Going On With Facebook Today?

What is going on with Facebook Today? if you are seeing lots of Spammy feed on your Facebook wall then you are not alone, There is something wrong or Facebook Glitch is going on with Facebook right now on August 24, 2022 that’s why Facebook acting weird at this time.

What is going on with Facebook?

If you are getting these types of errors / issues today on your Facebook news feed then you can report Facebook team and tell them whats going on with facebook. or wait for some time until facebook finds itself why it is happening.

Facebook Glitch Right Now – What’s Benefits

You can post anything on any celebrities Facebook pages or pages with huge likes with this facebook Glitch now and anyone who likes and follow their page can see your post on their Facebook feel and you may become popular. haha.!!

Here’s some of photos of Facebook Glitch or Bug:

What is Going On With Facebook- Glich Facebook Glitch & facebook acting weird Facebook Glitch & facebook being weird

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