VIN # SBM13DAA0KW006530 (2019 McLaren 570S Car)

VIN # SBM13DAA0KW006530 – Every vehicle has a unique identification code that holds valuable information about its make, model, and various attributes. This code is known as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and it serves as a fingerprint for automobiles. In this article, we will discuss and explore the unique identification code: VIN SBM13DAA0KW006530, which belongs to 2019 McLaren 570S sports car that was manufactured by McLaren Automotive.

Meaning Of VIN # SBM13DAA0KW006530:

  1. WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier):
    • “SBM” stands for McLaren Automotive.
    • “13” denotes the series or model range. In this case, it represents the McLaren 570S.
  2. VDS (Vehicle Descriptor Section):
    • “D” indicates the engine type. In this context, it’s a V8 engine.
    • “AA” signifies the body type, which is typically a coupe or convertible.
    • “0” represents the safety restraint system, such as airbags.
  3. VIS (Vehicle Identifier Section):
    • “KW006530” is the unique serial number for this specific McLaren within the production line.

Note – VIN #SBM13DAA0KW006530 is a 2019 McLaren 570S that is currently being auctioned off by Copart. The car has a salvage title, which means that it has been in a major accident and has been declared a total loss by the insurance company. The car has 13,198 miles on the odometer and is being sold as-is.

2019 McLaren 570S Sports Car Details

The McLaren 570S is a remarkable supercar known for its performance, precision, and sleek design. Some key highlights of the McLaren 570S include:

  • Engine: The “D” in the VIN indicates a V8 engine. The McLaren 570S is equipped with a potent 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces exhilarating power.
  • Body Style: The “AA” in the VDS denotes that this particular McLaren 570S could be either a coupe or a convertible. Both versions offer an open, driver-focused cockpit that enhances the driving experience.
  • Safety: The “0” in the VDS section indicates the presence of advanced safety features, including airbags and other restraint systems, which are crucial for occupant protection in high-performance vehicles.
  • Unique Serial Number: The unique serial number “KW006530” distinguishes this McLaren 570S from all others in the production line, making it one-of-a-kind.

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