Toyota Century SUV 2024 Price USA, Features, Specs

Toyota Century SUV 2024 – The Japanese automaker is preparing to introduce the brand-new luxury SUV, the Toyota Century 2024, today, September 6, 2023, across all global markets. Reports circulating online suggest that the Toyota Century SUV 2024 will be made available for sale alongside the Toyota Century Sedan.

Rumors and leaks online have given us a glimpse of the expected features and specifications of the Toyota Century SUV. These may include a three-row seating arrangement, a monocoque platform similar to that of the Toyota Grand Highlander, and much more.

Launch Date and Time:

The luxurious Toyota Century SUV 2024 is scheduled for launch today, on September 6, 2023.

Toyota Century SUV Price USA:

Toyota Century SUV 2024 costs 25,000,000 JPY in Japan and if we calculated in USD then it costs around $169413 in USA, However this is not the actual price it is just anticipated price for the Toyota Century. The actual price will be revealed during the launch event today.

Features and Specifications:

Here are the anticipated features and specifications of the Toyota Century SUV, based on online rumors:

  • Designed for chauffeur-driven experiences.
  • Boasts a tall body with a tailgate, departing from the traditional saloon’s trunk lid.
  • Length of 205 inches.
  • Represents a highly upgraded version of the Grand Highlander.
  • Offers a two-row seating arrangement.
  • Luxury features encompass leatherette seats, massaging seats, ample ventilation, a mini fridge, reclining seats, a television, advanced safety systems, multi-zone climate controls, ambient lighting, a premium sound system, and more.
  • Equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 paired engine, combined with electric motors capable of generating 400 hp of power.
  • Comes with an automatic gearbox.

Toyota Century SUV 2024 Interior And Exterior Photo:

In summary, Toyota is set to unveil its opulent Toyota Century SUV 2024 today, promising a blend of luxury, advanced features, and high performance for discerning customers worldwide.

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