Princeton University Free Tuition (Families Annual income is Less Than $100,000)

Princeton University Free Tuition 2022 – Princeton University offering free tuition including room and board for all students whose family annual income is less than $100,000 us dollar will have to pay nothing for tuition in Princeton University.

This is a great initiative from Princeton University where they are giving away free tuition in their University (Princeton University Free Tuition). Princeton University financial aid program, providing even more generous support to undergraduates and their families as it works to attract talented students from all backgrounds.

Princeton University Free Tuition Financial Aid Program 2022 Details:

  • Most families whose annual income is less than $100,000 will pay nothing for Princeton University tuition it’s absolutely free, room and board, up from the previous $65,000 annual income level. Roughly 1,500 Princeton undergraduates are expected to receive this level of aid — more than 25% of the undergraduate student body.
  • The $3,500 student contribution typically earned through summer savings and campus work will be eliminated. The elimination of the student contribution will provide more opportunities for students to study abroad and to pursue other curricular and co-curricular activities during the summer and academic year.
  • The financial aid calculation will be simplified so most families can compute their aid award with readily available information.

Old Financial Aid Methodology

The average grant for families with income under $65,000 covers the full cost of tuition, room and board.

Average Family Contribution by Income (based on Class of 2026 data)
Income Range Average Parent Contribution Standard Student Contribution Total Family Contribution
$65,000-90,000 $5,000 $3,500 $8,500
$90,000–110,000 $9,400 $3,500 $12,900
$140,000–160,000 $20,175 $3,500 $23,675
$190,000–210,000 $36,025 $3,500 $39,525
$240,000–260,000 $45,825 $3,500 $49,325
$290,000–310,000 $62,000 $3,500 $65,500

New Financial Aid Methodology

Most families with income under $100,000 will qualify for grant aid to cover full tuition, room, board, books and personal expenses.

Family Contribution by Income
Income Total Family Contribution
$75,000 $0
$100,000 $0
$150,000 $12,500
$200,000 $25,000
$250,000 $37,500
$300,000 $50,000


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