Kristi Noem faces lawsuit After Promoting Dental company in a Social Media Post

Kristi Noem faces lawsuit News – South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is being sued in Washington because she posted about a Texas dentist on her social media without saying she was connected to him financially.

The lawsuit was filed by a group called Travelers United, who say that Noem broke the law by not telling people about her financial connection to the dentist when she posted a video about getting dental work done.

In the video, Noem talks about getting her teeth fixed by Smile Texas, a dental company. She says she had a biking accident that knocked out her front teeth, and Smile Texas helped her.

The lawsuit says that Noem’s post was like an advertisement but didn’t say so, which is against the law. They think she did it to promote Smile Texas to people in Washington, D.C.

The group claims that companies like Smile Texas pay people like Noem to promote their stuff on social media, but Noem didn’t say in her post that it was an ad or that she got free or discounted dental work for it.

They want Noem to pay fines, stop posting ads without saying so, and to not promote Smile Texas without telling people about her financial connection to them.

Smile Texas and Noem haven’t responded to requests for comments. Noem is also being talked about as a possible running mate for former President Donald Trump, but her team hasn’t given details about their recent meeting.

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