Flash Actor Ezra Miller Pleads Not Guilty

Ezra Miller pleads Not Guilty:

“Flash” Actor Ezra Miller can now return everything back to normal just did reshoots for the his upcoming new movie that’s coming out next year Flashpoint and that’s it right everyone’s just gonna forgive and forget well not so much i guess today Ezra Miller had to appear in court because all of the crazy stuff that happened over the past year is now coming back Ezra Miller pleads not guilty to two counts of felony burglary the embattled star of The Flash faces up to 26 years in prison and $2000 in fine if convicted now will Ezra miller get 26 years in prison no but a year in prison that’s not that’s not far-fetched it’s all going to depend on how the pre-trial goes so what’s going to happen is Ezra Miller and whoever the lawyers are defending this case will meet with prosecutors and they’ll sit down and see if they can work out some kind of deal so they don’t even go to court.

i don’t know what Ezra miller’s rap sheet looks like i don’t think that he’s ever been in trouble before I don’t know or at least let’s put it this way caught before I think Miller’s done a lot of stuff I mean there’s a lot of crazy stuff that’s come out about Ezra Miller over the past year but I’m going to imagine some kind of probation I bet you the felonies will get erased and they’ll become misdemeanors and a lengthy probation that’s what I’m going to guess is going to happen here because I would imagine the media is going to switch and start supporting him soon we’ll see how it goes there’s a lot that can happen here but I guess this just happened today this is breaking news I’m just now seeing this so at 6:58 a.m apparently is when this broke but here are the here are the notes Ezra Miller has pled not guilty to the felony burglary charges out of Stamford Vermont the embattled star of The Flash is charged with a felony count of burglary into an occupied dwelling in a minor charge of petty larceny after video surveillance allegedly saw him entering the plaintiff’s home on May 1st 2022 Miller 29 faces up to 26 years in prison and $2000 in fines if found guilty so 26 maximum charge if let’s say Ezra was breaking in houses all the time and had multiple convictions yeah you could get up to 26 years but that’s probably not going to happen. Flash Actor Ezra Miller Pleads Not Guilty

that’s like the extreme I don’t know what the minimum is but there’s especially if you’ve got high priced lawyers that can really wheel and deal this I I would imagine Miller is going to get a slap on the wrist now if it were you person listening to this video it would probably be a little bit different but such is the life of uh Americans actually worldwide privileged people like Ezra they get off all the time and we we don’t get those kind of luxuries and this includes me it would be a different situation if it were me as well deadline has a lot of details here apparently Ezra Miller was upbeat dressed casually and uh was in a chippy mood this morning the casually dressed actor will have to return to court per Superior Court Judge Carrie a McDonald caddy virtually or in person at a yet to be determined future date for more proceedings in this matter obviously they note here Warner Brothers highly invested in this because they want that Flashpoint movie to succeed they want to make as much money as possible now I don’t know what the box office for Flashpoint looks like we’re a long ways away from that whether or not this will all harm the movie or not I don’t know uh to be interesting to see how that movie plays out when it’s released because I mean Miller is overshadowed and it’s overshadowed with Miller’s controversies and there’s been a lot of them I guess the real question is will more come out because there was a time there when like every day somebody was coming out and saying something about Ezra Miller.

But the Hollywood actor was told they can’t have any contact with the victims of his Crimes by either phone or in person email text posted on social media and can’t abuse or harass them as well the judge ordered uh Miller said we Miller’s attorney said we agreed to those conditions and asked and the judge asked them do you understand this Miller said to the judge I do understand the article also points out that there’s a lot of evidence against him uh there’s video which is the most damning but this was the weirdest thing so if you don’t know what happened uh when Miller was having a meltdown and got arrested for going there was a incident at a bar where he was going crazy on people in the bar and then shortly after there was another incident I forget if it was I don’t think it was on the same night it was a different and yeah because he got arrested that night at the bar uh this time was something different broke into somebody’s home in Vermont yeah because this was in Vermont and the other charge in the bar I believe was in Hawaii so this was in Vermont I’m guessing Miller was drunk or something I don’t know but for some reason he thought it would be a good idea to break into someone’s home and steal multiple bottles of liquor Miller has millions of dollars imagine going in and stealing liquor like what is wrong with you uh but that was a misdemeanor that was petty Larson’s larceny over a trio of stolen booze bottles uh the felony was going into the house Miller with the offense of felony burglary into an unpa un occupied dwelling (Flash Actor Ezra Miller Pleads Not Guilty) i mean they were in the house that wasn’t Theirs to look for ingredients for a recipe for their mother the actor was also hit with a misdemeanor charge of petty larceny over a trio of stolen booze bottles so i don’t know what’s going on here with Miller there’s a lot of stuff over this guy’s over this guy’s shoulders right now I truly hope Miller does get help and figures out whatever is going on and turns his life around but you know you still did a lot of stuff and this is this is what happened so we’ll see I’m interested in seeing what happens to this person because these are these are not just charges you can say you can just brush away it’s a real these are real things and there’s real victims I don’t want someone breaking into my house and stealing my you know and i would imagine most of you wouldn’t like that either unless you live in New York where there are literally signs that say if you don’t like mugging maybe you’re the problem anyway a little update too on what’s going on with Cartoon Network uh Warner has come out and expressly said that we are not shutting Cartoon Network down then there was also this little tidbit The Rock doing a lot of press and came out and basically said the previous Warner Administration actively prevented Henry Cavill and his return to Superman they prevented him from returning to the Superman role.

They did not want him to play Superman uh there’s not a lot of other details than what he said there but the new regime very open to it as you can see and I think like I said the reason him being back in this movie is a big deal because that means he’s probably signed a multi-movie contract. Flash Actor Ezra Miller Pleads Not Guilty.!!

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