Baby Shark Bath Toy Recall Due To Potential Injury Risks

Baby Shark Bath Toy Recall 2023 – Approximately 7.5 million Baby Shark and mini Baby Shark bath toys are being recalled due to potential injury risks. The recall, initiated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, highlights concerns regarding potential impalement, laceration, and puncture hazards associated with the toys.

Baby Shark Bath Toy Recall 2023 Details and Product Description:

The recall includes both the full-size Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing & Swim bath toys and mini Baby Shark Swimming bath toys, available in yellow, pink, and blue colors. The affected toys were sold individually, in packs of two or three, or as part of the Baby Shark Music Water Park play set.

Identification and Date Codes: The full-size Baby Shark bath toy included in the recall, recognized for its singing and swimming capabilities when placed in water, can be identified by model number 25282. The associated date codes begin with the letters “DG” followed by a date between DG20190501 and DG20220619. It’s important to note that the recall only pertains to the full-size bath toys with a hard plastic top fin.

The recalled mini Baby Shark bath toys, which swim in water but do not sing, can be identified by model numbers 7163, 7175, 7166, or 25291. The associated date codes fall between DG20200615 and DG2023525.

Action Steps for Consumers:

If you own any of the recalled Baby Shark Bath Toy, it is advised to discontinue their use immediately. To obtain a refund, contact Zuru, the manufacturer, following the steps outlined by the recall notice. Zuru will provide a full refund of $14 for each full-size bath toy or $6 for each mini-size bath toy in the form of a prepaid virtual Mastercard.

How To Get Baby Shark Bath Toy Recall Refund? follow these steps:

  1. Disable the tail fin, either by cutting it on the full-size bath toy or bending it on the mini-size bath toy.
  2. Mark the body of the shark bath toy with the word “recalled” and the unique code provided during registration for the recall.
  3. Upload a photo of the disabled and marked product on the designated website, Zuru will process the refund upon receipt of the photo.

Conclusion: The recall of approximately 7.5 million Baby Shark and mini Baby Shark bath toys highlights the potential risks of impalement, lacerations, and punctures. It is essential for consumers to immediately cease using the recalled toys and follow the outlined steps to receive a refund. By taking appropriate action, consumers can ensure their safety and contribute to the prevention of any potential injuries associated with these bath toys.

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