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www.idverify.irs.gov – It is difficult enough at time dealing with your us federal taxes, but when you get an IRS Identity Verification letter saying that you need to verify your idverify.irs.gov identity in 2023, You may be worried why you got that letter and wonder is this legit or a scam? In this article i am going to discuss about the irs identity verification process for IRS Letter Recipients, And who need to verify their identity.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is trying their best to prevent identity theft fraud, and they are continuously working on it.

What is IRS Identity Verification?

IRS identity verification is a process that the agency uses to confirm a taxpayer’s identity. The IRS requires this verification when a taxpayer files a tax return or requests certain services, such as setting up a payment plan or changing their address.

The IRS may use a variety of methods to verify a taxpayer’s identity, including:

  • Social Security number (SSN) verification: The IRS will verify the name and SSN of the taxpayer by checking it against the Social Security Administration’s records.
  • Knowledge-based authentication (KBA): The IRS may ask taxpayers to answer questions based on their credit history, tax history, or other personal information. These questions are designed to confirm that the taxpayer is who they claim to be.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): The IRS may require taxpayers to provide additional identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, as a second form of verification.

IRS Identity Verification Letter:

Internal Revenue Service aka IRS are sending IRS identity verification letters to random taxpayers, Where taxpayer need to prove / verify their identity online, but be careful not to get scammed. Make sure you get an official letter from the IRS before giving out any personal or financial information. Remember, the IRS will never reach you out by text, email or social media, and they won’t call unless you’ve asked them to ask for the thirty day deadline to resolve the issue.

In Some Cases You Will Receive IRS ID Verify Letter Only When You Fail in 1 Of These Categories:

  • You have a balance due.
  • They have a question about your tax return.
  • They need more information about your tax.
  • You are due larger or smaller refund money.
  • They need to verify your identity.
  • IRS changed your tax return or they need to notify you of delays in processing your return.

Note: Not all taxpayers will receive identity verification letters, Then if you are not receiving one then don’t worry.

Is www.idverify.irs.gov A Legit Website or Scam?

I know that a lot of you guys received irs letters from this website (www.idverify.irs.gov) and you are probably thinking that the website could be a scam i understand your concern but you can relax about it, https://www.irs.gov is an old official website. if you really want to get your tax return then you really should use and fill out form on this website and follow the instruction there is no need to worry about this or there is no possible ways that someone will use your personal information to scam you.  if you have any questions or find fake websites to pretend to be the official website then feel free to comment below.

When You Need To Verify Your Identity Online at www.idverify.irs.gov?

You only need to verify your identity, only when you received an idverify.irs.gov 5071C letter, 5747C letter, 6331C letter, or 5447C letter and your financial and phone information is U.S. based, or; An IRS representative directed you to use it.

And if you received a www.idverify.irs.gov 4883C letter or a 6330C letter, Then follow the instructions which is mentioned on the letter. You can’t use this online service.

What Are The Requirement To Verify Your Identity Online?

You will need Photo identification, if you don’t have an existing ID.me account or IRS username.

Note: A Form W-2 or 1099 aren’t 1040-series tax returns.

Click Here To Verify Your Identity

After you verify your identity then must answer IRS questions about your tax return after verifying your identity. You will need the Form 1040-series tax return for the year shown on the letter.

in Tax Year 2022 taxpayers can access their online accounts on IRS.gov and will be required to take their selfie to verify their identity using ID.ME facial recognition technology, for identity theft protection tax season 2022.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is now allowing all taxpayers to verify their identity without having a credit card or loan.

How To Contact Your Local IRS Office

You can contact your local irs office by visiting this link: https://apps.irs.gov/app/officeLocator/index.jsp and then make an appointment by calling the appointment number for that office.

What Documents Are Required For Appointment

  • A current government-issued photo ID.
  • A taxpayer identification number, such as a Social Security number.
  • Any other documentation you need for your appointment.

IRS Phone Number (Identity Verification)

If you are not able to verify your identity online, then you can call IRS on 1800-829-1040 between Monday through Friday. Residents of Alaska and Hawaii should follow Pacific time. Phone lines in Puerto Rico are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time.

Callers who are hearing impaired TTY/TDD can call: 800-829-4059.

Telephone service wait times can average 13 minutes. Some telephone service lines may have longer wait times.

US IRS Identity Theft Phone Number

If you believe you are a victim of identity theft related to taxes, you should contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) immediately. Here is the phone number to call:

IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit: 1-800-908-4490

You can also visit the IRS website for more information and resources on identity theft and tax-related fraud.

In conclusion, IRS identity verification is an important process that the IRS uses to confirm that taxpayers are who they say they are. This process helps to prevent tax-related fraud and identity theft, protect taxpayers’ personal information, and ensure that taxpayers receive the services they need. Taxpayers who receive a notice or letter from the IRS requesting identity verification should follow the instructions carefully to complete the process in a timely manner.

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  3. I have verified my identity, but am having absolutely no luck with my tax return identity. What is going on?

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