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Michael Smerconish Survey Question Today

Smerconish Question Of The Day: Do you think Idaho police have a suspect in the quadruple murders or are nowhere near solving the crime?

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Yesterday’s Smerconish Survey Results 2023

Yesterday’s Question: Should municipalities regulate gasoline powered leaf blowers?

Yesterday’s Result: 94.76% voted for “YES” and rest 5.24% voted for “NO“.

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Who is Michael Smerconish?

Michael A. Smerconish (born March 15, 1962) is an American radio host and television presenter, political commentator, newspaper columnist, author, and lawyer. He broadcasts The Michael Smerconish Program weekdays at 9:00 a.m. ET on SiriusXM’s POTUS Channel (124), and hosts the CNN and CNN International program Smerconish at 9:00 a.m. ET on Saturdays. He is a Sunday newspaper columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Smerconish has authored seven books: six non-fiction works and one novel. He is also of counsel to the Philadelphia law firm of Kline & Specter. Source:

19 thoughts on “Smerconish Survey Question Today (”

  1. Why is it so hard to find the place to answer the survey question? I shouldn’t have to sign up for the newsletter to vote!

  2. Re: Student Loans
    Our college financial system is broken and our students are forced to pay absorbent prices that have no bases in reality. I also wonder why student loans have compounding interest instead of straight interest. Seems to me that changing the student loans to straight interest would make a huge change in the amounts that students have to pay back. Since so much of the student loan programs is outside student and parents control I am in favor of investing in our future and we can start with the partial forgiveness in acted this week by President Biden.

  3. While I think the Monarchy will survive perhaps the Commonwealth will not. The Monarchy has more external pressures.
    America’s pressures are within. People who want to burn down their own house as an answer to grievance and fear.

  4. The Republicans could not fix the crisis at the border under the Trump Administration. Their solution to the border crisis was to separate families or use the families as pawns. What have they accomplished?

  5. Mr. Smercomish, your program is the BEST one on CNN! I am a far right conservative, but I never miss your program. You do such a great job of presenting both sides of the situation, like this morning you didn’t hide the fact that the migrants went willingly on these planes/buses. Other CNN commentators say the opposite, or at least leave out that detail which is so dishonest and misleading!! That’s just one example. Of all the news programs I watch (I don’t do any social media) I must say yours is the most balanced! Please keep it up, don’t let anyone criticize you and I hope the new management at CNN appreciates you!

  6. Floridians who lost their homes will find a second shock to their systems when they can’t get loans to rebuild due to astronomical insurance rates on new construction. The only thing they can do is move to higher ground.

  7. The better question would be if insurance companies should refuse to insure properties built in such disaster-prone areas, because we all pay for these stupid decisions.

  8. We should not pay to rebuild on disaster prone areas, with all the resources used to go in afterwards during and before putting the strain on the taxpayers who don’t chose to live in such places BECAUSE THEY COULD BE GONE in an instant . This brings us to the adage “The definition of insanity”

  9. Watch the fit Florida’s residents and state government throw when they are told they will no longer have insurance to cover their investments.

  10. Shift the risk. Clearly mark areas that are designated as “environmentally risk prone areas.” If you decide to build in that area the federal government will not pay to rebuild and states may choose to insure or not. The property owner may obtain private insurance if it becomes available. Placing the risk on the shoulders of the property owner largely solves the problem.

  11. Why do you not go to FOX News . Your show has gotten so Republican leaning , it is not funny . Use to watch your show all the time , now not so sure I will watch any more .

    • I have already stopped watching Smerconish. First he was a Republican, then he became an Independent, then he became a Republican again and now he is an Independent again. I guess he sticks his nose up in the air, takes a deep breath and goes wherever the stench is coming from.

  12. Elon Musk asked employees to not disclose confidential information on social media sites and elsewhere when locking them out of their offices. Did he forget he was the owner of a social media site that people use to ruin other people’s lives by disclosing confidential information on a national stage daily? Why should he be privileged to receive privacy? Maybe he has come up with an idea to solve this national crisis. Let the owners of these sites destroy them at their own expenses so there are no more victims of comments and statements aimed to ruin the lives of innocent people. Alex Jones is all you need to justify termination of social media without rules, guidelines, laws, consequences, and liability for those who enable the bullies’, crooks, scammers and traders who will use it for creating trouble and Kaos for personal gain and revenge. I am surprised CNN did not pick up on Freedom of speech site owner asking employees to refrain from freedom of speech! LOL

  13. All new laws/bills should be recorded via cameras while in session with our Law Makers . The Laws /Bills should not be grouped in a package they should be voted on 1 by 1.By doing so would keep the public better informed and who voted for or against a NEW LAW/BILL This should apply to CONGRESS & SENATE 24/7.


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