Minnesota State Fair Shooting – One Person Was Shot Dead on Saturday Night at State Fair

Minnesota State Fair Shooting 2022 – Recently Shooting at Minnesota state fair, One person was shot dead Saturday night during a brawl in the Midway portion of the Minnesota State fair. Closure of the fairgrounds, in Minnesota State fair shooting 2022, Witnesses told DPFHI that a fight took place at Cafe Caribe in the Midway area of ​​the fairgrounds, and police quickly intervened to stop it, using pepper spray.

Shooting at Minnesota State Fair 2022

After the incident of gun shooting at Minnesota State Fair, National Public Security Director John Harrington said the Minnesota Patrol will double attendance at the Minnesota State fair by the end of the fair, which ends Monday. “Again, I’m sure we’re doing this the right way. In fact, we were so close to these individuals in this group that nothing could be worse. That’s why,” Harrington said.

The Minnesota Fair Police Department said officers responded to the gunshot shortly after 10 p.m. Near the mix of Carnes Avenue and Liggett Street on Saturday, the area was “bustling with onlookers and a large police force.”

Minnesota State Fair Shooting Video – Source Facebook

The shooting occurred within 15 to 20 feet of “a number of officers,” State Fair Police Chief Ron Naphra said in a public interview Sunday. Officers later found the victim with a non-hazardous bullet twisted in his leg, and paramedics took him to a clinic. The shooters took off in groups and were not caught. The Minnesota Criminal Investigative Service is cooperating with the investigation.

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