Kasper Rorsted Net Worth 2022 (Updated)

Kasper Rorsted Net Worth 2022 – Kasper Rorsted was born February 24, 1962, is a Danish wealth manager and current CEO of the Adidas Group. As a prominent corporate character, he was included on the BoF 500 list, with many people influencing $2.4 trillion in transactions. In recent days, Kasper net worth is one of the most searched in google. He filled out as a cleaner at school and currently Kasper Rorsted net worth of around $70 million dollar.

Who is Kasper Rorsted?

Kasper Rorsted is 60 years old and has been CEO and member of the Executive Board of adidas AG since around 2016. At adidas AG, he also has 10 established executives and he has 20 young executives. The most experienced CEO of Adidas AG is Igor Landau, who is 75 years old and independent chairman of the Supervisory Board. Luckily, Rorsted had the opportunity to reposition  his Adidas, allowing the company to withstand the resistance and remain popular around the world. Despite the fact that Rorsted contributed to the Adidas uprising, the organization said on August 22 that it plans to retire as CEO in 2023.

According to the Adidas Group website, Kasper Rorsted is currently receiving compensation from AG totaling $7,237,510. All this suggests that Kasper is rich and close to the solace of life. He filled out as a cleaner at school and currently has a net worth of around $70 million.

Kasper Rorsted Net Worth 2022

Name: Kasper Rorsted
Net Worth: $70 million
Age: 60
Nationality Danish

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