Foul Tempers Crossword Clue NYT

Foul Tempers Crossword Clue NYT – Did you find yourself staring at the clue “Foul tempers” in today’s NYT crossword? Then don’t worry, We have the answer for you for the Foul Tempers Crossword Clue.

This 4 four-letter word perfectly captures the essence of “foul tempers” – those short bursts of annoyance, irritation, or frustration that can erupt without much warning. They’re often accompanied by sulking, grumbling, or passive-aggressive behavior, making them a nuisance for both the person experiencing them and those around them.

But fear not, fellow crossword enthusiasts! Here’s how you can conquer “foul tempers” both on the puzzle page and in real life:

  • In the Crossword: If “SNITS” isn’t the answer, consider synonyms like “IRES” (strong feelings of anger), “HUFFS” (displays of annoyance), or even “TANTRUMS” (more intense outbursts) depending on the number of letters required.
  • In Real Life: For taming your own “foul tempers,” take a deep breath and try to identify the trigger. Once you understand the root cause of your frustration, you can address it calmly or simply take a moment to cool down before reacting.

What is The Meaning Of Snits (Noun)

Snits” refers to a state of agitated irritation or annoyance. It describes a temporary bad mood, often accompanied by sulking, pouting, or grumbling. It’s a relatively informal term, typically used for mild annoyance rather than intense anger.

Here are some synonyms for “snits”:

  • Annoyance: This is a more general term for a feeling of displeasure.
  • Botheration: Similar to annoyance, but emphasizes the inconvenience caused by the situation.
  • Vexation: A feeling of frustration or annoyance, often caused by something specific.
  • Grouchy: Describes someone who is generally in a bad mood and easily irritated.
  • Hump (British): Similar to grouchy, but implies a sullen or sulky mood.
  • Pet: A fit of minor anger or annoyance, often childish.
  • Pouts: To sulk or mope in a childish way.
  • Sulks: To be sullen and bad-tempered, often in silence.
  • Sullenness: A gloomy or bad-tempered mood.

Remember, crosswords are a great way to exercise your brain and improve your vocabulary. And by using the words you learn to navigate “foul tempers” in real life, you’ll be a calmer, happier puzzler!

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