Everything You Need To Know About Christmas

Christmas 2022 – Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is a time for enjoyment and spending quality time with family and friends. Every year on the 25th of December, Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world. People gather in large numbers in churches to pray to Lord Jesus for a happy and prosperous life.

During the time of Christmas, people forget all their worries and tensions at work and enjoy the company of friends and families. Many people travel from one corner of the world to meet their parents and children. The week of Christmas along with New Year brings much fun and excitement in everyone’s life. Young or old, every people get a new meaning of love and life during Christmas.

Christmas Decorations 2022

Christians decorate their homes with Christmas tree, colorful ribbons and balloons. Various kinds of lightings are done to make the homes, streets look beautiful and bright. During Christmas, kids wait for the Santa Claus to bring gifts and chocolates. Stockings are hanged by the children at night only to see they are filled with various gifts, toffees and lots of candies in the morning. Thus, Christmas is a time for partying with family and friends and includes lots of fun, and festivities.

Christmas Carolers are seen singing songs and on the sleigh comes kid’s favorite man, Santa Claus with his bag full of hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies. In USA, just like other countries of the world, people are seen dancing and merry-making on the streets. The hotels, cafes and restaurants are decorated tastefully with various colorful ribbons, balloons and lights.

In Alaska, the colonial doorways are often decorated with pineapple, a symbol of hospitality during Christmas. The boys and girls sing carols and are invited in for supper. In Washington DC, it is a ceremony to lighten spectacular x-mas tree by the President. In the city of New Orleans in USA, a huge ox is paraded around the streets decorated with holly and ribbons are tied to its horns.

Christmas In America

In America, great dinner parties are thrown in each other place, where the traditional Christmas dish, roasted turkey with vegetables and sauces are enjoyed. After dinner, a delicious fruity Christmas pudding with brandy sauce is served. During Christmas, majority of Americans exchange of gifts and greetings and visit their families and friends. Thus, it is a time to get back to one’s family and have a blast with near and dear ones.

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