Atlanta PD Lake Arrest – Atlanta Police Officers Dive Into Lake to Arrest Suspect

Atlanta PD Lake Arrest – In this September 1, Atlanta police department posted a video of an Atlanta PD lake arrest on their Facebook page with the content of “It’s rare to see cops swimming after fleeing suspects, but when it comes to Atlanta PD cops, troublemakers are warned that a water spill or lake won’t save them”.

APD Lake Arrest – On August 25, Atlanta police said they saw a Dodge Charger en route that was confirmed to have been stolen in the city the day before. The driver was arrested along with several police officers on Martin Luther King Boulevard. He was dodged, but the Atlanta Police Air Force was still chasing him. Sooner or later, police said, the man escaped from the vehicle and into the woods along Lake Tatum. As police continued to search for him, he dove into the water, where he was pursued and arrested.
APD Dive Into Lake to Arrest Suspect in a Water

Atlanta PD Lake Arrest, Identified 4 Suspects

An Atlanta police helicopter shows a suspect on the run in a stolen Dodge Charger. The suspect stops the car and jumps into the lake, with the police officers jumping in shortly after. One media channel revealed that police officers saw the stolen vehicle earlier this month. The driver is Jetalvius Q. Thompson, 21, recently fled police. Despite this, the suspect was spotted from the air and pursued due to the Air Force.

In the shot, Thompson escapes from the car and flees into a wooded area. He found a way to reach the lake where he was trying to swim away from the cops. All other things being equal, officers dove into the lake behind Thompson, catching and arresting him before he got to the other side. Thompson was also charged with escape and evasion, illegal driving, stopping a vehicle and robbery by seizure of a vehicle, driving without a license, and possession of a device to commit an illegal act.

Atlanta PD Lake Arrest Video – Source Facebook

APD Lake Arrest – All four suspects were identified as:

  1. 18-year-old JERMARI HARRIS
  2. 24-year-old MACKENLEY PIERRE
  4. 35-year-old WILLIE LEWIS HOLMES

They were all charged with Hijacking by Atlanta Police Department aka APD.

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