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Activate Qlink Sim Card Online 2023:

If you recently bought QLink Wireless sim card then you may be wondering how to Activate Qlink Sim Card online? if so, then please follow our guide carefully if you want activate QLink Wireless sim card.

About Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless is an American telecommunications company based in Dania, Florida and also largest 4g – 5g network that provides you free wireless services if are a Lifeline eligible consumers who is a federally funded government program that provides millions of Americans with FREE wireless service every month. The company also offers prepaid mobile phone services including wireless voice, messaging, and data services under the Hello Mobile brand.

Before activating your QLink Wireless sim card first make sure your phone must be unlocked by your service provider. Even you paid off your mobile bill it may be still locked by your service provider. You need call your old cell phone provider and ask them to unlock your phone. And if you want to check whether your phone is locked or not by yourself then follow our guide below.

For Android Users:

Check Available Networks in Your Settings

  • First go to your mobile phone’s settings.
  • Then go to connections.
  • Next go to Networks (this depends on your phone model and the version of Android OS, but it will say either Mobile Networks, Cellular Networks, or Networks).
  • Select Network Operators (this may take a few moments to search for available networks).

If only one available networks appears, or if Search Network Operators does not appear as a selection, then your phone is probably locked. If several available network appears after this method, then your phone is probably unlocked.

Insert a SIM Card from Another Carrier

  • For using this method you will need a SIM card from another carrier.
  • First, make sure your phone is turned off.
    Then, remove your phone’s SIM card.
  • Replace with your other SIM card from a different provider.
  • Turn on your phone’s power.
  • You will see the provider’s name at the top of your screen has changed.
    Make a phone call.

If you cannot place the phone call, then your phone is probably locked. If you can place the phone call, then your phone is probably unlocked.

For iPhone Users:

Check Carrier Lock Status in Your Settings (for iOS 14 and newer)

  • Open your phone’s settings, and then and tap on General option.
  • Tap on About.
  • If you see “No SIM restrictions” next to Carrier Lock, then your phone is unlocked.
  • If you see “SIM locked” next to Carrier Lock, then your phone is locked.

Check Cellular Data Network in Your Settings.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings, and then Cellular.
  • If you don’t see Cellular Data Network as an option in this menu, then your phone is probably locked.
  • This method may not be supported in all iPhone models. If you do not see Carrier Services, or Cellular Data Network in your
  • iPhone’s Cellular Settings, then please refer to one of the other two methods explained here.
  • If you see a Cellular Data Network option in this menu, then your phone is probably unlocked.

So once your phone is unlocked, now do the following process in order to activate your new Q Link Wireless SIM Card.

How Do i Activate Qlink Sim Card?

First switch off your mobile phone and then insert your new Qlink Sim Card into your mobile phone’s sim slot and after that turn on your mobile phone. Once your phone is on now you need to reset your mobile network.

  • For Android users, first go to Settings & tap Reset or Network Settings. Tap Network Reset and follow the instructions.
  • If you are an iPhone user then go to phone settings, tap General. Scroll down and tap Reset & Select Tap Network Reset Settings. Enter your iPhone password & confirm the reset.

If above steps does not work for you then you can also call QLink Wireless Customer Service number and ask them to Activate Qlink Sim Card. Customer Service is only available Monday-Friday, 8am-12am, as well as Saturday and Sunday 8am-8pm, EST at 1-(855) 754-6543. Chat support is available 7 days a week, Sunday through Saturday from 9am to 12am EST here.

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  1. I activated my killing SIM card into a phone that is unlocked and I can’t make or receive calls but I can send and receive text messages and use my data anybody have any ideas


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