Global Commission on Drugs Report is Out

The Global Commission on Drug Policy has just released its 2014 report entitled Taking Control: Pathways to Drug Policies that Work.

The report is grounded in science, and is the product of a working group that includes such august names as Kofi Annan (former UN Secretary General), Ernesto Zedillo (former President of Mexico) and César Gaviria spectrum_en(Former President of Colombia, and former Secretary General of the Organization of American States).

It is also incredibly readable, and visually interesting. If you are interested at all in drug policy, it is certainly worth taking a look at.

The report looks at how governments must take control of black markets through harm-reduction and regulation of all drugs, thereby disempowering organized crime that has been enriched by the current law-enforcement centered strategy, and ensuring that enforcement does not impede the vastly more important dictates of public health. This report should be required reading by everyone working in drug policy.

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